Beautiful Norway

I came across a page that has INCREDIBLE beautiful pictures of Norway.

I could not believe how many nice places we have here in Norway, and that we do not take the chance to exploit it the same way that we exploit other countries. It’s a shame!

Just look at the pictures, you’ll understand what I mean.

3fd90e9cd9805c25ffb92d6ae3a5c5f2 6d24cf790c22d48c290cf431fb459dcd A magical evening watching natures finest lightshow by a frozen river 9d8cf1297a1aeb249bddcb4ed9eea0b9 77b522f9945c1deb8d8cfd4460adfafe 96b63bb01594511ae53069500535a9ce 08930c6c8fcc43f88abdea95ca70441e abd334a10aa8248307e37cb32ac6cdeb Waterfalls Austfonna Polar Ice Cap, Svalbard, Arctic dcb4bdf007faf6669de8c8c152b55acf hinlopen stretet 1cbec93c26eb3f21bf0fea8400e15889 3a86b514f8a83811287392e3cd55a1b4 3a316c3bff1e1e7043365269b12153d7 3cae8c97651cf6ef181aa53e0c5702b0 3e78fcc1be80aedbc0610e5a7f8f52e5 4bbdad17abb001145960c6e17bc1a0d9 5c035c833bcc1e9eb93d1ae95020e340 6b40fb8466a770c7f6a073040d5c4a2c 6f35b0ea21c13b00e989b1983e18759b 70a2f2c2f3271dec10c187f663f7660d 287eeaf17b3fef23ec258c3021cfadc9 345e50e36dc022a2b19a5de5adf4c09c OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 905422eb31cc2f86dcdbc602123c6761 2194406f15511f9d0e37d286068252d3 9003206d619a00971259e0ba5f1d7c7e b0b9d884e075f5f5254513219f30756b c6bf03ed7e028449f07bb67d5666b7aa c6f91f7c8e74deb0020d03a74c1a0560 d9ea3674e8e47657eef3ae4e98b47259 e15ac7f833ca6afa6b14e543b3588b59 ed7ae315d0a9d88e3b3f796ce58934f6 fdec99da175c64dbf2171445e1bff03c fdf063bac71256dd775358123ad13b63

One word STUNNING!



  1. Ken · August 12, 2015

    OMG! Those pictures are soooo beautiful and amazing! Norway is a place that I’m looking to visit maybe within 2-3 years. Good luck in Spain – lots to see there too. Visit my blog if you get a chance, I’m just starting out as well.

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  2. Maxime · September 14, 2015

    Can u tell me where did u take this picture my gf told me she is marry me if i can find this place, I managed to find your blog through this photo but still not the right places , it’s very important for me can you get information ? This picture


  3. Adam Morris · January 19

    Very stunning – love the photos!

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  4. Jonathan · January 28

    Great photos, would be nice to know where these places are!

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  5. aziz · July 27

    haven in the earth

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  6. ancafitness · August 28

    Indeed!!! AMAZING

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