Why live in Barcelona ?

I have got a lot of question from my friends and family about why i want to move to Barcelona and why Barcelona.
I really love Barcelona. I have been there alot when i was young, and Barcelona kinda remind me of my hometown. Its cosy, its old fashion, its vintage, the neighbors take care of each other, it’s beautiful and the people are open minded. I like to live free, and thats what i get from Barcelona when i m there.
The reason i want to live there for a while is because i want the experience, and to find out who i really are, to find what i want to do with my life. And i feel like a kind of attraction to Barcelona, it feel like it is something there for me.

imgresimages-1images-1images-3 imgres-1images-4


And the food is FANTASTIC!

drooling of just looking at the picture ;P

Have you been in Barcelona ? Do you have good tips to what i can do there ?
I will be happy for any advice 😀


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  1. cyh · December 31, 2016

    I love Barcelona too!

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